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Awe, I just can't even handle the cuteness.
I'm glad we were both crazy enough to try
You complete me.
Red Puzzle Pieces Heart  (DIY)
Perfect fit
Me + You = We ❤
Puzzle Pieces Capitulo 12. Flashback - Wattpad
I hate that game
What Does Marijuana Do To Your Brain And Body? THC Interacts With Memory, Time Perception
Finding the missing piece
We were a puzzle.
My pieces fit into yours 
& yours so perfectly into mine.
We kept adding more & more pieces Until one day 
You flipped the table upside down 
& our pieces flew everywhere.
Now I'll never know if our pieces make the picture on the box.
Puzzle Piece
in love with five lads smashin it | via Tumblr
Silver Puzzle Piece Silver Bangle Bracelet Silver by BaubleVine