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لأن ما اريد الشامت يكول..شوف شلون جازاك الي ردتة!!
Oh..now she's fighting dirty!! LOL! ;)
Daily Struggle.
اكبر جريمة في هذا الزمن هي ان يولد المرء عربياً 💔
Nice idea
How long since you've had a lesson in discipline?
Bitch it's fabulous
Badass parents
I'll gladly accept it!! hihihi
The symbol of the Armenian Genocide! 1915 by the Ottoman Empire! 100years of denial
Retaliation or Patience ❓
Retaliation or Patience ❓
There is always that one teacher
Wise words by Dr. Bilal Philips.
The Reward of a Nap