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The Queen and Prince George attending the christening of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana 🎈👑 🇬🇧
Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana's Christening 🎈👑
I think Emma Watson and PRINCE Harry are sooooo cute together
Harry debería ser considerada la octava maravilla del mundo 🌎❤️😍
Captain Wales
Big Ben
He looks adorable
The Prince Of Hearts
He's so handsome
I hope that if only you were still alive, i promise to take care of you and loving you for the rest of my life.. Idc if you're already old or whatever it is. I love you.. I really do.. I love you more than that 'coward charles' loves you  ❤️ oh god just p
thanks god
charming prince
FASHIONFULTURE — voxsart: Bath 1989. The Infamous Windsors. | via Tumblr
Prince George from Angle at Trooping the Colour : People.com