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Soft gloves in pumpkin orange Fingerless by HandmadeTrend on Etsy
Child's drawing.
Purple Orange and White braided bracelet Teen by HandmadeTrend
Girl, 07/06/2014. ©Balázs Zs. Jónai
Small Lolita, 08/06/2014. ©Balázs Zs. Jónai
Smiling with Braces
Purple girls headband with crochet flowers knit by HandmadeTrend
Red Shoe & Butterfly Charm Bracelet
WTH. That's not how I remember 6th grade !!
This Room Is Also Just Uff'
Finally 13 👑✊💕
Sad truth about love
Goofy and his son
Blond girl
I want to wear this dress while playing gamecube