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Oliver Phelps on Twitter: "@BMailOwlfred @thebighoot2015 always good to see 😊 I spotted one the other week when I was out with my pal http://t.co/GvQkqEd6Y9"
Obviously Phelps on Twitter: "Never mind the hair, the 'tash, the flares or the smoking, Seventies @OliverPhelps has an EARRING. http://t.co/AVlHmUN5FY"
Morgan Hoffman on Twitter: "Kicking off @FANEXPOCANADA with @James_Phelps aka Fred Weasley!!! @SpaceChannel #fanexpocan http://t.co/lctZUbNb4Z"
amanda c on Twitter: "Seriously the nicest guys ever-thanks for coming to @FANEXPOCANADA @OliverPhelps & @James_Phelps !⚡️  #BackToHogwarts http://t.co/ijRqPun3C2"
Kayla on Twitter: "TWINS!!!!!!!! @James_Phelps @OliverPhelps http://t.co/kIcZ11VKwt"
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Fan Expo Canada on Twitter: "We’ve got James Phelps on the pitch for the #FanExpoCan launch event! http://t.co/YtX7yk0w1l"
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