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I seriously pity him in here! he`s so tired!!! why, just why do they have so many concerts?!
hehe ~~
is he cryin?! oh, baby! If only I was there with u...
he`s so tired!!! SM give him a break!!!
Oh darling:))))))
Pray for Neymar😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
Kermit is killin the game
Tears ❀✿
My babyy<3
My poor bae. I was there at the concert ! ♡
omg, leave my baby alone!!!! aish, Himchan!!!
😭this is sad! And this pic is everywhere
Haha that is weird
Love | via Tumblr
I refuse to believe this like omg 😭😰
Poor xing :(
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