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My poor baby 😔💕
so tired!!! please take a break!!! he`s in London but I would have preferred him to stay at home and be at peace!
Fly Always
Tokyo ghoul
bby | via Tumblr
ur back hurts, or?! Oppa, please take care of u! U know u r the best, u don`t have to work nonstop, dear!!! aww, let me hug u!
injured! aww, baby!!!
Get well soon bae! 😞 We love you Marco! ❤
Marco today, 23.11.14
Marco leaving the hospital, 23. November 14
Gell well soon, poor baby! And than stay well forever pls
poor Nini!!! aww, lol! he`s so funny!
lol, stop u monkey!!! haha
yah!!! how could u be like this with Sehun?! be softer, or are u a beast?! seriously she could have applied the makeup softer!!! aww, Sehunnie! I could do a better job!
what was dat?! Sehun was awkward, for sure! and dat perv Baekhyun... huh