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Today, October 18th 2014 against 1. Fc Köln
Sad baby crying
yah, pabo Chanyeol!!! what r u doin?! Oppa, r u ok?! aww, poor my baby!!!
omo, he`s so tired!!! Oppa, how i WISH I could hold u in my arms!!!
lol, Kai!!! what r u doin?! without energy to clean his face! aww
Bringing this back too
This is glorious. xd
I`ll come baby, I promise! I`ll get u outta there!!
and dat`s Lay?! OMO!!! But really, guys! u should stop!!!
condereshimaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeee!!! LOL!!!
D: | via Tumblr
I saw this guy at the mall. So i took a picture
sleeeeeeepyyyy AGAIN!!! OMG! HE REALLY NEED A BREAK!!!!
I seriously pity him in here! he`s so tired!!! why, just why do they have so many concerts?!
hehe ~~