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Lovely fall/autumn outfit
Amores ♥♥
Fall Outfit - | Comfy Poncho | Fashion Style
2015.09, Marie Claire, UEE, After School, After School UEE, Kim Yoojin
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Tommy Hilfiguer
Moda Lovessences: MODA OTOÑO INVIERNO 2016 - flecos, estampados abstractos, colores transforman la moda en un escaparate post hippy-punk-etnico.
When you're stuck in class this Fall, just close your eyes for a second and think of the beach…
Seriously gonna miss Summer, but Fall is looking pretty good from here…
Not too hot… Not too cold… It's that perfect time of year to get a little closer.
It's cooling down, but we're just warming up!
Burgundy Cowl Neck Poncho
Burgundy Cowl Neck Poncho - Tops
Oro Crochet Riviera Poncho - Pily Q Swimwear 2016
Black Riviera Poncho - Pily Q Swimwear 2016