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''This game we're playing make me wanna break the rules..'' - Polyvore
Too cute💚💚
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☾ ☯ ☼ ☁ ॐ
new skirt I made! :3
Hatsune Miku
By Tibi (Credits to the owner of the photo)
Like, what I'm doin' with my life. by erika-cizmar - Polyvore
Light Green Bowknot Pleated Mini Skirt | USTrendy
Light Pink Bowknot Pleated Skirt | USTrendy
Black Baroque Floral Mini Pleated Skirt | USTrendy
Kirsten Vogel - Bye Dye | LOOKBOOK
candy colors
Black Structured Pleated Skirt | USTrendy
Just So Innocent by hyfr4eva - Polyvore
Black on black... - Polyvore
Dogs Ink Printed Pleated Skirt
ig: @bxrnadetth