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"only you can give me that feeling"
"normal is boring"
"when you smile my heart goes boom boom boom"
"you're my definition of perfect"
"cookies or gtfo"
"things are better when we're together"
"you're so beautiful it hurts"
"winter could be so beautiful"
"don't be worried babe, if we got nothing we got us"
Pewdiepie <3 - Felix Kjellberg <3 | via Facebook
Melix <3 | via Facebook
OMG I need to watch this video!
Pewdiepie and Cutiepie
PewDiePie at Disneyland Paris. :3
I don't get it...
My edit give credit (instagram: harold.1994) (twitter: xarctichoranx)
My edit give credit (Instagram: Harold.1994) (Twitter: xarctichoranx)
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