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Когда сердце горячее и сильно бьется, замерзнуть невозможно - 49. Тряпичный кот с нарисованным лицом
vladsv: Печальный пост.
vladsv: Печальный пост.
Amazing place to hide a cat litter box | Cat | aHousewife
Sezaaaaaar 😍😍😍
Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men | via Tumblr
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kitty | via Facebook
This dog who kinda looks like he’s handling it right now
He layers like a champ
He knows how to punch up vintage blazers
The Platypony (Platypus-Horse Hybrid)
This dog who just CANNOT handle this water right now
Halloween Will Be Cancelled
He rocks denim jackets
And they don’t mind posing for pics
The Shorse (Shark-Horse Hybrid)
Superdog Just Too Darn Cute To Function Edition