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(28) jennifer morrison | Tumblr
Photo edit by: subject13fringe.tumblr.com
Photo edit by: subject13fringe.tumblr.com
"There are no limits. Except for those we impose on ourselves." Walter Bishop
All yours...liquid brains. | via Tumblr
Power Hungry 1x05
Peter-Bishop-wallpaper-peter-bishop-2700185-1280-800.jpg (1280×800)
Fringe. Peter Bishop. 1x12 The No Brainer | via Tumblr
Fringe. Peter Bishop. | via Tumblr
Fringe Peter Bishop 1/6 Scale Figure | Fringe Division | Pinterest
Peter Bishop Art Print by Laura Racero | Society6
Peter Bishop Art Print by Art by Kylie | Society6
Joshua Jackson
Peter's portrait by @pavel_savinkin
Peter Bishop and little Etta Bishop