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In love with this tattoo. 😍
In love with this tattoo. 😍
The Owl Pages | via Facebook
The Old wise Owl by FoldedWilderness on deviantART
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monarch butterfly perched on white flower photography nature pretty beautiful
my boy
Bald Eagle Perched by Chris Flees - Bald Eagle Perched Digital Art - Bald Eagle Perched Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale
Birdy Pendant by JessieTheJabberwock on Etsy
Vue d'en haut
Cute lil owls.
Long tail
My favorite characters in one photo. Love this. Is perfect <3
Why Cats Need Cat Trees Part 1
Core Four
Core Four reunite in Derek Jeter's last home opener - ESPN New York
Bluebird in the Meadow Photograph Nature by DavidMellenbruch