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Triskele pendant Triskele jewelry Triskelion by BDSart on Etsy
Tanzanite Pendant
Pingente Calculadora em prata 925 esmaltada - Life
Wood Heart Pendant Heart Pendant Wooden Heart by GatewayAlpha
Cute Polished Seashell Pendant by IsItQuirky on Etsy
Pink Opal, Peridot , Garnet and Amethyst Jester Pendant – Keja Designs Jewelry
Chrysocholla, Pearl & Peridot Seashell Pendant
Larimar & Blue Topaz Two Tone Sterling Silver Pendant
Lizard necklace Lizard pendant Lizard jewelry Antler by BDSart
Geometric Hexagon Chevron Copper Pendant by SweetNovemberJewelry
Rainbow Unicorn Necklace Pastel Cute Kawaii by MadeByTokiToki
Rainbow Unicorn Necklace Pastel Cute Kawaii by MadeByTokiToki
Bear paw Bear paw necklace Bear print Bear trace Bear by BDSart
Rune Algiz Viking rune Nordic jewelry Norse pendant by BDSart
Secret of the seashell Swarovski crystal by MidnightVision
Romantic purple deep purple SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL by MidnightVision
Pingente feito com material reciclável
Gorgeous Five-stone Emerald Journey Pendant For Anniversary Gift