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I miss them . 💔🙍
Danielle P. | via Tumblr
Dcp. | via Tumblr
Danielle.♥ | via Tumblr
Danielle Peazer.♡ | via Tumblr
@dcp1006: 😂
Danielle 💛🌂💛
Dani 🌂💛
Dani 💚
Dani 💛
Danielle in Las Vegas in 2012
Danielle Peazer | via Tumblr
day with eleanor and danielle
day with danielle
Me !! Even though I'm a die-hard Larry shipper I still respect Eleanor. She does have feelings and she is a human like us. Even though she may not be a good role model (drinking,  smoking a lot) shes still a girl like me and you. Don't hate!
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