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From The Bridge - The Mighty Mo
The Mighty Mo
The Mighty Mo .. 1940's off to War
USS MISSOURI - The Signing of the Peace Treaty to conclude World War 2 on this spot on this Mighty Battleship
Relaxing in Hawaii Nei
Pearl Harbor
Remember Dec. 7th 1941. !! ~ WARN the " MilitaRistic Japan Army " , Let Her Do That Again * = ". . . we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have Died in Vain . . . Remember Dec. 7th 1941. !! "_ The Ship That Weeps For Her Dead - Attack on Pearl
... Arizona Memorial, USS Battleship Missouri, Pacific Aviation Museum and
The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. // Photo by Bill McMichael
I've been created to fight against the world, and maybe against myself.
Pearl Harbor (2001)
"J'ai le coeur qui va éclater"
my favourite movie