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Original art?
This apple is my heart ♡
So... pretty~
33 Nails assemblage art for wall or shelf by foundturtle on Etsy
Children original painting Baby Bunny pastel girl and rabbit, kids art nursery decor blond 12x16 Artist Laurie Shanholtzer
rampy vivian
The Tree of Life and Gifts of Mother Earth by Oldacres on Etsy
Summertime sadness
"Not all those who wander are lost." - J.R.R. Tolkien
2015 Flowers & Nature calendar, original art | Zazzle
Keleigh Kuehl's original art 2014
A Twilight Affair a painting of a lovely dinner by TheAutumnlands
"With ears to see, and eyes to hear." -Sleeping With Sirens
Furuya Chihiro
"In the world, I am a stranger... I do not know its language, it does not understand my silence."