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Still Can't believe his the Eldest in Exo O.O *Still in Shock*
donghae is so hot and handsome like dAAYUUUUMMM
ooooo sweetie minseok :D ^^
(100+) Tumblr
Block B performing, watching and being the band, at the same time!! *O* | via Tumblr
The best part of Jackpot xD | via Tumblr
xD | via Tumblr
T-ARA ♥ By: @SooJovem_08
P.O (*u*)
Zi-a-co :33
U-Kwonnie :33
Comparing backsides xD | via Tumblr
Block B 4th Mini Album H.E.R ♥ | via Facebook
HER♥ Block B´s new album... coming soon~~ | via Facebook
Old hunhan moments~~