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"Kiss me Claire. Just once."- Noah Sanborne(The Boy Next Door)
"I know you liked it. Just. Like. This!"- Noah Sanborne(The Boy Next Door)
"God, your beautiful. You're Amazing. Sweet. Natural. Sexy. So Sexy!" -Noah Sanborne( The Boy Next Door)
"Those are for a women who's tryna' look sexy. You don't need to try."- Noah Sanborne(The Boy Next Door)
OMG... please, anyone who know read in spanish read this, prohibido enamorarde de Adam Walker on wattpad. :) <3
If only they knew...
"Your Very sweet. And it was flattering. But it meant nothing." -Claire Peterson(The Boy Next Door)
Noah levi
Ila ❤
joakim noah shirtless - Google Search
MALA (novela)