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John Green/Juanito Verde
This cast knows nothing but real-talk.
Best friend’s sunnies? Mom’s keys? Today we want you to wrap something silly in cellophane! #PaperTownsTruthOrDare
When in doubt, follow your heart.
Whatever it takes he’s going to find her.
Spill it, #PaperTowners, what’s your secret “uncool” dream car? #PaperTownsTruthOrDare
They’re headed places we only imagined.
There’s nothing but awesomeness ahead of you.
The most epic adventures happen when you least expect them.
Rachel Sue, we didn’t think M could look more awesome, but you managed it. #PaperTowners
Radar would love this one! Buy a friend (or a stranger!) a black Santa for today’s #PaperTownsTruthOrDare.
If you’ve seen #PaperTowns, you know why we want you to sing karaoke in the mall for today’s #PaperTownsTruthOrDare!
The perfect song for your road trip playlist. Have you downloaded the Paper Towns soundtrack yet?
Can you top catfish and Nair? What’s the strangest combo of things you’ve ever bought at the grocery store? #PaperTownsTruthOrDare
#TBT to totally normal things happening on the Paper Towns set.
We can’t get this Grouplove song out of our heads! What’s your favorite song from Paper Towns?
A cast that jumps together, stays together.
The chemistry is real. On-screen and off.  Paper Towns is now playing!
Meet Lurlene. The real star of the road trip.
What was your favorite scene from Paper Towns?