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©JuJu on Instagram: “Reading #PaperTowns by #JohnGreen with my favorite bookmark. One of the best gifts I ever received #Gift #Feather #BookMark #Native…”
Amazon Rainforest, Feather headband, native american, indian headband, tribal headband, bohemian headband, hippie Headband, hair band
Up close design of native american bead work done by 2 people by hand. Leggings for the bottom part of the legs, followed by REAL moccasins worn on the feet. Choker and hairties on the top. Powwow regalia accessories.
Native, mais personnalisé.
Kayla | via Tumblr
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Lyrics to "Something I Need" by One Republic😻
Correct lyrics to "Can't Stop" by One Republic😻
Bird of Paradise 2 - Feather headband, native american, hippie headband, bohemian headband, wedding, feather veil, rainbow