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Haven't done an anti argument in a while.
Hot Hin
Cute 😍
Neji <3
Naruto vs Menma
Please know the difference between a sarcastic post QUOTING antis stupidity and Sarada LAUGHING at those quotes and a post against SasuSaku family 😎 thanks to my Facebook friend for this counter picture.
Naruto shippuden
obito x rin
Kushina 🙈
You think you can just post manga pictures next to REAL abusive relationships and call it the same thing? Please take these children back to school and too a relationship counselor.
I may not have a fancy picture showing how SS is not abusive, because unlike anti ss analysis, no  REAL life pictures comparing themselves to the NINJA world are ever used to defend sasusaku because doing so is IGNORANT. How can you compare ourselves to n