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Music=Life ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I Love Mikey so much I jus
Mikey c;
Mikey Way is my love.♥
он любит быть высоко
Mikey Way
whyyyyyyy ~
I remember when The Black Parade Album came out and I couldn't even afford to get it. My parents didn't buy it because they didn't understand. I couldn't even afford to get this merch you see. I just bought all of this this year. I still remember the day
Welcome to the black parade.~
We mourn on this day for a band that helped us all through our bad times and has saved many of our lives. It's still heartbreaking to know that it was just last year when they decided to call it quits. It may be a sad time but we are Killjoys. We will car
This came in the mail today!!!😁😁😁
Danger Days Era
the black parade
You were there when no one else was. Thank you My Chemical Romance and all the bands that encourage me to keep going :")
I made this so cute Ray
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