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Gigi Hadid
Heads up all you blonde bombshells out there. When Gigi faces the world, she faces it with no apologies, no regrets, and definitely ‪#‎NoMaybes‬. So should you. Get the look and run with it. | via Tumblr
The ‘80s were all about making up your own rules—like rocking a rainbow of colors in one bold look. The brighter, the better. Go get it. #Maybelline100 | via Tumblr
Adriana can pucker up with our Creamy Mattes any day. She does it so well. | via Tumblr
Jourdan Dunn
Channel the sophisticated glamour of 1930s bombshells with this smoky-eyed look. #Maybelline100 | via Tumblr
We’ve got one of the first modern day beauty hacks to thank for our obsession with flashy lashes: back in the 1910s, mascara was invented from nothing but cork ash and petroleum jelly. Here’s to another 100 years of total beauty bossitude. #Maybelline100
(1) Gigi Hadid | Gigi Hadid | Pinterest
Untitled | via Tumblr
Gigi hadid for Maybelline
She was born with good looks...
You better believe it. | via Tumblr
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New Maybelline Collection