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James + Lily, Obviously
Love you, James, you're my hero
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Warrior Marauders Era Harry Potter Fan fiction Visitor - Page 1 - Wattpad
Marauders Era | via Tumblr
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Forget me not
"Lily. Lovely Lily. She was exceedingly bright, your mother. One could say also say that she was Muggleborn ."
She hated him at first but ended up falling for him
My edit of my fan cast of the Marauders!! If the shit hole known as Hollywood ever come around to the idea, they better go with this fancasting!!
Aaron Taylor Johnson - James Potter / Prongs 
Andrew Garfield - Remus Lupin / Mooney
Ben Barnes - Sirius Blac
That's Dorcas Meadowes.... The Dark Lord killed her personally
Lily Evans Fan Art; by Nymre on Tumblr
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