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Ginny and Harry
Potter Generation
The Time Turner
Wands *^*
Cute :3
Miss you Harry
Raspberry wand of Karma by WhichDesigns on Etsy
self-made wand *-*
wingardium leviosa | Tumblr
Female Sprinkbok Horn and Fluorite Magickal Wand by TheMagickCabinet
Swarovski Sapphire Blue Crystal Pendulum by CrystalBlueDesigns
Swarovski Pink Crystal Pendulum Metaphysical by CrystalBlueDesigns
Crystal Pendulum Swarovski Peridot Green by CrystalBlueDesigns
Magic wand
My wand from today 😍
my beautiful wand
Cinderella ✨🌟💫💙💙
drawings by @zwag on Instagram — all due credit