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Those feelings of anxiousness occur due to our mind being set in the future. We are too busy thinking about the 'what ifs' .. 

Those feelings of sadness occur due to our thoughts living in the past. We are too busy thinking, 'if only...'

What has happen
"Your only teenagers, you don't know what love is" "it's not love, it's lust" trust me, in the past 10 months I've heard it all and I'm tired of it. I love nick and nick loves me. How do I know this? Nicks smile lights up my whole world an just hearing hi
Ella Dvornik
Body language

Allãh mentions in the Qurān that man is such that he calls upon Allãh during his affliction, seeking refuge. Yet when Allãh relieves him of his affliction, he behaves as though he never called upon Allãh to begin with.

Pain is such an emotion, that it c
The beauty of marriage is such that it unites two souls who have been yearning to meet one another long before their existence in this transient world. 
Two souls who sought companionship before they were even made aware of the fact that they will enter a
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Zulqaedah 1435H
Never curse a fall.
Do not judge.
Transference only applies to some