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Love yourself!
We all does.aipp....dont deny it
I know u r not.that y u r here
I had tried it.do u?
Okay? 👸🏽
Sometimes, change is good.
The reason i have a fitness collection is bc i want to give myself and others inspiration! You are all beautiful ! And don't forget that you will achieve your goal some day if you don't give up! Just do it💕 change your life today!🌿
You don't have to change yourself to fit in , so what if the others are prettier and skinnier than you? You just have to know your beautiful just the way you are💋
Dear body...
🎵These girls born in the 90s' are dangerous 🎵
Not searching for my other half
Notice the moments when you're happy,bc they let you smile when you have moments where you can't smile. ✖ ❤
every dang day...
Let go all that hurts you , let it go as the seasons .. ( Nicoly Beatriz Torres)
No llores más, no lo mereces.