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Prom night
Glamorous Flared Sleeve Playsuit - Lipsy
Lipsy Sleeveless Stripe Jumper - Lipsy
Michelle Keegan Pu Faux Fur Jacket - Lipsy
Michelle Keegan Lace Cover Up - Lipsy
Pour Moi D D+ Amour Basque - Lipsy
Lipsy Mesh Back Lace Detail Maxi Dress - Lipsy
Too Glam To Give A Damn '
 Nerding out
Wedding day *_*
Asos dress Vendo su www.facebook.com/Princess.esserre
Bluebella Vivienne Basque D D+ - Lipsy
Lipsy 2-in-1 Lace Prom Dress - Lipsy
Lipsy Rose Print Sweetheart Dress - Lipsy