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"Let it all go..."
"Dear Francia. You've been with me through so much and I appreciate your love and support. You're an amazing, talented and strong woman and I couldn't imagine a life without you. Have a wonderful day. I love you."
"Thank you Birmingham 😘😘"
"I am boss of attidude. What are you boss of?💛💥"
"Some harmonizer gave me this fairy wings at the meet & greet. Thank you so much!! I'm in love with them.😍"
"I am the boss of my choice. What are you boss of?😌"
"My soul will rest in your embrace.💙"
"All funny in the car.🙈💛"
all time low = idiots
kellin quinn (sleeping with sirens) and tony perry (pierce the veil)
Alex. what. are. you. doing?!?!?!?!?!?!
rian dawson to vic:
jack barakat
Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas
jack barakat & alex gaskarth your parents would be ashamed
jesus is holding a koala
I want that costume calum😍
"I can make the Stars dance, light up the moon.🌟💛"