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Happy 21st Birthday Liam
He looks so scared though :")
Gibbs' rule. I. Love. it. ♥
NCIS. Gibbs' rules, baby! Does anyone else HATE the rule #12?
Jibbs, by Marina Anastasiou via Twitter
ouat dating
T.R.O.C is comming...
Time don't always make things better -- parte de la canción Little Dancer de Leroy Sanchez
I met b-brave yesterday 😍 it was so amazing !
Leroy Sanchez | via Facebook
I got this Stitch from the Disney store 💙💎
Inner leroy
Leroy Fer
Jasper Cillessen and Leroy Fer
8 Things Lana Del Rey Can Teach You About Living An Amazing Life
I don't have any posters but its funny anyway