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No sleeep
Legend of Zelda
Zelda is not Link.
One of the greastest.
Naruto's time line | via Facebook
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The Beatles
Ss | via Tumblr
Legends pt.3
Kendrick Lamar | via Tumblr
Now do the march of the black queen My life is in your hands, I'll fo and I'll fie I'll be what you make me, I'll do what you like
"I think everybody knows I can't play the fucking guitar"
"It's strange but it's true I can't get over the way you love me like you do"
I'm burning through the sky Two hundred degrees That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?
I don't believe in Peter Pan Frankenstein or Superman
How do you think I'm going to get along Without you when you're gone?
One dream, one soul, one prize, One goal, one golden glance of what should be