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Daddy Yankee Gasolina #LelePons vine latin unite
"I miss him when I'm holdin' him!❤"
"Disneyland...the land where dreams are made of.😊💛"
"La Familia. This year on tour.🙈💗"
"Princess Minnie G.🙈😚💛"
"While we were cruisin' down the city.. we own it.💜"
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Dance with me
Laura Archbold 😻
"When I wake up you're the first thing that comes to mind 😊"
"When your mom says smile for a picture...and you're all like..☺😌💛"
"The face you make when bae is leaving...😁💜"
dancing dance - Αναζήτηση Google
#quote #beautifull
"If you wanna keep me, you gotta love me harder❤"