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Vintagehome   ~ sheep | via Tumblr
Lamb Belly with Peas, Fava Beans and Cashew-Date Romesco
Oh god i hope i marry a guy who can cook korean food 🍅🍞🍜🍚🍟🍛🍲🍜
Yeomi and Eunhyuk :)
Sheep with lambs
I'm Glad You Came | via Tumblr
Gwen never ages. Seriously. MUA Gregory Arlt!
lamb with flowers
2015.02, Vogue, Song Kyung Ah
My lion, his lamb
Montreal IG @travelambs - lambs that travel around the world
Instagram @travelambs - handsome lambs that like travelling
Instagram @travelambs the lambs that travel around the world
In a Perfect World...Sheep | via Tumblr
Introducing the latest beautiful addition to the collection of spring lambs who baa, spring and wiggle their sweet little tails in the joy of each coming day.