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Axis Powers: Hetalia/#1593619 - Zerochan
Who's Canada?
She's adorable!~ ^////^
As a French Canadian {from Québec} I can assure you that French Canadians {mostly Quebecers} and French hate each others and argue on how-some-words-should-be-write-and-how-to-prononce-them. So France and the French part of Canada are the England and USA
France and Chibi!Canada <3
"Daddy?" "Daddy! Where are you going? Daddy..." "Daddy... Please... Don't leave me!"
Canada and Kumajirou
America y canadá
Oh yesh
The Family
/Axis Powers: Hetalia/#1703094 - Zerochan
" H-Happy Birthday... " " Who are you? " " I'm Canada... "