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Lee Sung Kyung is so pretty <3
Korean food
D.O with kids | EXO | Pinterest
Kris dancing with Sophia. He would be the perfect dad, I … | Pinterest
Hyuna 💟
Hyuna 💟
Kris is so great with kids | Kpop addiction | Pinterest
Xiumin doing aegyo with a little kid (gif) really cute | EXO | Pinterest
Kai with kids :3 | 카이 | Pinterest
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Kris and Baekhyun ♥ | Exo | Pinterest
Chanyeol shared candy to Luhan and the way Luhan eats it … | Pinterest
GD of BigBang
~{EXO's Kai, Lay}~ #Kai #Lay #KimJongin #ZhangYixing #EXO… | Pinterest
Kai BW. Overdose. #exo #kai #jongin | kai | Pinterest