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On June 7th, 1977 during one of his trips to the library at the courthouse, Bundy managed to jump  from an open window, injuring his ankle in the process, and escaped to freedom.
Ted Bundy's cell out of witch he escaped on 30 december 1977, by cutting a hole in the ceilling
Porn magazines found in the house after Gacy's arrest.
Gacy in Jail.
We are addicted to something that kill the pain
Jeffrey with his parents and his brother.
Jeffrey and his dog Frisky.
Joyce, Lionel and young Jeffrey Dahmer.
Baby Jeffrey with his father Lionel Dahmer (1960)
On the bike with his father Lionel.
Jeffrey with his brother.
Bloody insane
Blood everywhere
October 24, 1985 - Suspect Richard Ramirez, accused of being the Los Angeles area serial  killer called the "Night Stalker", flashes his left palm showing a pentagram, a symbol of  satanic worship.
Photograph of the cover page of the Los Angeles Herald, Sunday edition, September 1, 1985,  where captured Night Stalker Richard Ramirez boasts "It's Me!."
Perfect eyes
Beautiful draw