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Yui-Chan and Azusa-Nyan <3
Yui has some flowers for you! ♡
Mio from K-ON,  mio by KL-chan | via Tumblr
Non- Denominational Church in Humble Texas
Chibi Tea Time!! ☕️
All Grown Up! 👠💄
i am azusa
Mio from K-ON,  Mio Akiyama by MaHenBu | via Tumblr
Untitled | via Tumblr
Azunyan Star! 🎆
Waifu Mugi! 🎁
Professional Ricchan! ⭐️
Mio~shaaaaan! 🌠
Yui Cat! 🐱
K-ON! x Sailor Moon🌙
Mio from K-ON,  K-ON MIO by Hooooon | via Tumblr
Mio from K-ON,  Mio Akiyama by Saiin | via Tumblr