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Comic con 2014
Nina in Paris
Katherine Pierce | via Tumblr
Nina dobrev
Katherine Pierce
oh! yeah! that's my bae! loves! __kisses from Kath. <3 | via Facebook
kiss me or kill me! __kisses Kath. <3 | via Facebook
you have the petrova fire! ;) __kisses Kath. <3 | via Facebook
maybe I missed you! ....why you wanna play with me?? __kisses Kath. <3 | via Facebook
don't even think about me! I will be okay! __kisses Kath. <3 | via Facebook
did you miss me?? cause I'm back! __kisses Kath! <3 | via Facebook
my real love! miss you bae! __kisses from Katherine! <3 | via Facebook
did you two....??? __kisses Kath. <3 | via Facebook
two lies and a truth, with Nina Dobrev =) __kisses Kath. <3
dancing again and again! That's me! __kisses Kath. <3
yeah! me! __kisses Kath. <3