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cover mash-ups - Superman uses the quietness of space in his favor... | via Tumblr
Superman entrusts Batman with the Kryptonite Ring
Image - Legobatman2DCSH Superman.jpg - Batman Wiki
Image - LegoBatman DCSH-Trinityad.jpg - Batman Wiki
Image - Lego Batman 2.jpg - Batman Wiki
Knowledge is (Super) Power by Yale Stewart
Clark & Diana commission by Yale Stewart
JL8 Superman
Outstanding Collection of Superman Artworks | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
“We all know what happened when we let someone ELSE in to the Justice League. It ended very badly.” - Batman, JUSTICE LEAGUE #8
Spidey and Supes...
DC Comics: Happy Holidays! | Superman - Kal El - Clark Kent | Pintere…
Here's Some Of The Insane Things Happening During DC Comics' Converge…
Pin by Rogelio Cedillo on Harley Quinn | Pinterest
Pin by Jenny Richardson on Comics | Pinterest
Clark, Bruce & Lois
Supes & Bats