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20+ HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery Tutorials for Front-End Web Developers
A simple jquery script which allows you to pick a month and year with just a click.
Jquery Week Picker Script
Add, remove and replace the css styles using jquery script.
Jquery Browser Resize Script
Jquery Glow Effect Script
Followed by the Bahá'í followers, this solar calendar is composed of 19 months and 19 days with an extra tenure of “Intercalary Days". The years in Badí’ Calendar begin at the vernal equinox, and are counted with the date notation of BE. The user also get
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Jquery Memory Game  https://www.hscripts.com/scripts/jquery/memory-game.php  Script that creates a memory game out of an unordered list of images.
 Signup / Login Form in Jquery     https://www.hscripts.com/scripts/jquery/signup-login-form.php  Script helps users to register or login in your website without navigating to another page.
 Jquery Keyword Search Script  https://www.hscripts.com/scripts/jquery/searchtable.php  Script which helps to find a keyword in the existing table using search box.
Tic Tac Toe Game in jQuery
List of Scripts and Tutorials
 Jquery Mobile Collapsible Panels Script https://www.hscripts.com/scripts/jquery/collapsible.php Most convenient way to display contents in limited space.
 Jquery Sliding Letter Effect Script https://www.hscripts.com/scripts/jquery/sliding-letter-effect-script.php Script gives different animation effects when mouseover is done on the letters.
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