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"Hey young world, do y'all like my new lips?💚"
"Baby, kiss me I'm crazy.💋"
"Ain't nobody messin' with ma bros tho..🙈✌💛"
"Would it change it all if I say 'I love you'?❤"
"Always fun hanging with the crew..😌✌"
"Too lost in you..❤"
"Saw so many broken faces before you, but I can tell you that I can fix you!💜"
"When a good girl goes bad...she's gone forever.💥"
"I love you like a girl should..❤"
"What do ya looking at?😏💥"
For more manips got to Instagram: manipdreamer
"Want some more.🙌 @therobswanson give them your most bravest smile.😂💛"
"Hanging with my baes. Having a good time.💛"
ig: manipdreamer
"When it's just me and my beautiful gal @alexandria_valentina😍❤💋"
"Ryder's first birtday!!! Cutie pie I love you!!❤"
"Take me to the wild side of life....💗💥"
"Bitch betta have my moneyy..can't wait for y'all to see the photos.💋💥"
"I wanna be your wild one. Your  the only one that knows my dirty secrets...so please stay! 💜"