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"Let it all go..."
"You could have been the one... ❤"
"My heart keeps searching for you...💙"
"I'm feeling empty cause I left pieces on everything I loved....💗"
"I told you stop and you wouldn't listen. So that's what you get.💛💥"
"Sooo exited to see my baby cousin @kitkatvales at the San Fran Show.😌💚"
"All the girls on the block knockin' on my door, wanna know what it is make the boys want more... 💋"
"You better look out for the boss bitch in this game.🙊💁💜 #Young&Reckless 💥"
Jasmine, maravilhosa 💞
" I don't wanna be me without you...❤"
"Like groceries."
"Guess it's true that I'm falling more for you.❤"
Jasmine Villegas' Tattoos
Jasmine V.
"I could wait forever, just laying here and waiting for you!💛💋"
"Enjoying and loving what I do.😍💜"
"This is what dreams are made of!❤"
Instagram: @manipdreamer
"Grapes and bed time things..🌟💋"