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one word; adorable 😭😍💘 — ☀️
!!! #CrazyBeautifulYou2ndBlockbusterWeek
Pag gusto mo ng follow back from someone.. 😂😍😘 -🎀
Nakaka-kilig!!!Nakaka-tawa!!!Nakaka-iyak!!!Bravo kath and @imdanielpadilla
Make it a crazy beautiful Thursday #CrazyBeautifulYou2ndBlockbusterWeek na..
Titigan titigan. Showing pa rin on its 2nd blockbuster week! #CBY…
Jackie kelso💕
#CBYHangOver A Beautiful Disaster | via Tumblr
#CBYHangOver | via Tumblr
Selfless-Si Kiko yun. Selfish-Jackie. But they taught each other on how to be balance.😉 "Mauubos ka niyan"😭 CBY! -🍭
Thank you to those who shared their #KumaKathNiel moments! Can you spot your photo in this mosaic? -🐹"
Be inflicted with the Crazy Beautiful You Hangover! Still showing in cinemas nationwide 💃
Some things fall apart... 💗 -👄
조' on Twitter: "ตั้งแต่ถ่ายมา อันนี้น่ารักสุด !! #DGBSiwonBKK http://t.co/Pubi611SYq"
Is It Vogue? | via Tumblr
My angel woke me up this morning :')
Jackie Kennedy
I love this show <3