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Part 74-Hiccup wanted to propose her!
jack frost
Pin by Kalanji ★.¸¸•´¯`•☆ on ★ Cosplay Style: TOO ★ |Elsa (FROZEN) & Jack Frost (guardian) | Akatsuki Tsukasa
Jack Frost
| via tumblr.
Part 73-NOOOOOOOO!!!
Cold kiss | Tumblr
Remeber this? Old times 😅
Frost Baby😍😍
Watch it, it's worth it. SOCUTE!
The perfect hug! ❤👏
I wanna thank everyone for your ❤ and follows. You're my inspiration!
What do you think of this fanart? I loved it. Jelsa is everything 😊
Human jelsa 👏
Jelsa gif so cute! ❄❤
So adorable!
P/3. Lovely... Just lovely ❄