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Mis pinks
iPod nano
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Mi iPod 💓
Britney <3
Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à http://store.storeimages.cdn-apple.com/4128/as-images.apple.com/is/image/AppleInc/aos/published/images/i/po/ipodnano/product/ipodnano-product-initial-2013%3Fwid%3D400%26hei%3D300%26fmt%3Djpeg%26qlt%3D95%
Chillinf with T-Swift's "Innocent" 😌👱
New song! Brain washing❤🌹
Book & Blueberry Yogurt ♡
My wishlist 😊
ipod nanos in pantones color
Truly Glamorous | via Tumblr
When you work it out I'm worse than you            When you work it out      I want it too