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Slug Brooch   Silver, Copper Gold, Carnelian  Kazuma Nagai  2008 | via Tumblr
Slugs  Brooch 2008 Silver, Gold, Carnelian, Garnet Kazuma Nagai | via Tumblr
See As I See | via Tumblr
Buy butterflies at www.thebutterflybabe.com
Buy butterflies at www.thebutterflybabe.com
Furia Infernalis
🍀 стрекоза 🍀
LOLA recycled CD butterfly necklace | Black and iridescent electric blue Papilio Ulysses butterfly | Jewelry by Savousepate on Etsy
I'll Stop The World And Molt With You Insect Card by ModDessert
OMG I'm Dead XDD
Butchart Gardens
Butchart Gardens