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Te necesito. Y tú me necesitas💁
Tampoco estabas :(
I miss Cory / Finn 😭❤️
I thought you where my forever....what happen
I'd do anything to be your everything again.
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I miss you.
next lie?
I. Miss. You.
Silent. || My poem.
I wish you could come back😩i miss you so much😢 not a day goes by that I haven't thought about you😭 r.i.p iloveyou 😭😭
His name is Mike, he's my internet friend for 2 fucking years. He says he will see me very soon. i like him. I mean he's there for me whenever im sad, depressed even when im cry. And ofc he's there for me 24/7. Idk if he feels the same way. We talk and ta