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To celebrate the first week of Spring and John & Yoko's 43rd wedding anniversary, The City of Reykjavík will be relighting Yoko Ono's artwork IMAGINE PEACE TOWER… For more information visit: http://imaginepeacetower.com
@IMAGINEPEACETOWER, Viðey Island, Kollafjörður Bay, Reykjavík, Iceland, August 2012: So this is what IMAGINE PEACE TOWER looks like in the summer! yoko
Yoko Ono photographed by Nick Knight for Vogue - out 4 June 2012. Hair & makeup: Jackie Tyson, Sittings Editor: Charlotte Pilcher.
Read the IMAGINE PEACE ebook - a compilation of philosophies and artworks by John Lennon & Yoko Ono.
DOWNLOADS Wallpapers, posters, icons & widgets for you and your friends to download, print and put on your websites.
WAR IS OVER! Dear Friends Download, print & display these posters in your window, school, workplace, car and elsewhere over the holiday season. Send them as postcards to your friends. We say it in so many ways, but we are one. I love you! yoko
STRAWBERRY FIELDS New York City In memory of John Lennon, New York City has designated a beautiful triangular island in Central Park to be known as Strawberry Fields. It happens to be where John and I took our last walk together. John would have been very
RECOMMENDED READING by Yoko Ono Dear Friends Here are some books and magazines I would like to recommend to you. Please share your favorite books in the comments... ...for us all to enjoy. love, yoko
25 THINGS EVEN MY BEST FRIENDS DIDN'T KNOW... ...UNTIL NOW by Yoko Ono. From the Bottom Up: 1. I like to wiggle my toes when I’m waiting for something – like in the waiting room of my dentist. It makes me less nervous.
My ultimate goal in film-making is to make a film which includes a smiling face snap of every single human being in the world. Yoko Ono
HAVE YOU SEEN OUR NEW YORK TIMES AD? Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon placed a full-page ad in the December 10th edition of The New York Times, calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to “Imagine There’s No Fracking… and give clean energy a chance.”
This holiday season, #OpeningCeremony has teamed up with artist, writer, musician, and cultural icon #YOKOONO to create a very special collection titled “Fashions for Men: 1969-2012.” For more info go to: http://imaginepeace.com/archives/18986
On October 9th, 2012, in Reykjavik, Iceland, Yoko Ono will give the Biennial LENNONONO GRANT FOR PEACE to five activists: RACHEL CORRIE, JOHN PERKINS, CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS… More info at: http://imaginepeace.com/archives/18529
#FREEPUSSYRIOT Buy this book on Kindle www.amazon.com or #iPad & #iPhone https://itunes.apple.com/book/pussy-riot!/id561091644?mt=11 Profits go to @PussyRiot legal defence
Friday 21 September is International Peace Day. To celebrate, in conjunction with Art Production Fund, I have made 3 different IMAGINE PEACE films which will be shown in Times Square on the MTV, Viacom and… Read the rest: http://imaginepeace.com/archives/
Yoko Ono's IMAGINE PEACE Giant Beach Towel - 70 inches x 60 inches. 100% Cotton. Made in Brazil. $95. All proceeds from sales will support public art through Art Production Fund. Available in the USA from Works On Whatever:http://www.artproductionfund.org
Yoko Ono IMAGINE PEACE Stainless steel Water Bottle. $28. All proceeds from sales will support public art through Art Production Fund. Available in the USA from Works On Whatever:http://www.artproductionfund.org/shop/yoko-ono-water-bottle
Yoko Ono Serpentine Catalogue. £25. Available at Selfridges: www.selfridges.com
To join in with yoko ono's #smilesfilm project, simply tag any photos you upload to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #smilesfilm and we'll do the rest! There's a new website & Apps coming in June 2012. More info at smilesfilm.com