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G-Dragon. ❤
"Bang, Bang, Bang..I'm breaking in, stealing all my love back giving it to him.🔫💙"
레이나 어디갔니
Best friends
Minguk Manse
"Then and now.💜💙 Forever. @taylorswift"
"Double trouble..😁😚💛"
"...make me feel like I'm the only girl that you'll let into your heart.❤"
"When your missing the #PinkPrintTour..I do too. 🙍💗 Try to be back for y'all soon tho.😊😁"
"When Selenka needs her stage back...soon.I'll be back soon! 😏💛"
"...and that's when I'll be sittin' on your couch.🙈😁"
"I don't know why I always look to the ground...but I wanted to say thank you to my girls who make this night unforgettable.💙"
"Thank you harmonizers for this amazing #SummerReflectionTour!! We love you all so much!!💗💋"
"Couldn't be better..💛"
"#BreakASweat 💜🎶"