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You're the glitter in the darkness of my world.
"Oh darling, It's all lies"
-Hold you tight straight through the day light-
Not here
Distance can't change the way I feel
I want to be brave as Finn
"So I'll watch you live in pictures like I used to watch you sleep"
"Cause you're a Sky full of stars"
so confusing
"Where love is lost, your ghost is found"
"People help the people 
And if your homesick, give me your hand and i'll hold it "
"Do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else eyes?"
"I kept trying to make it go away, but how do you kill a feeling?"
"And I feel so hopeless here"
 "I know how it feels not to trust anyone. People lie"
"And I need you like a heart needs a beat.. But that's nothing new"